World Listening Day 2014

July 18th marks this years World Listening Day, organised by the not-for-profit World Listening Project, essentially an organisation known worldwide by those interested in the art of listening. July 18th also marks the birthdate of R. Murray Schafer, founder of the World Soundscape Project and author of the book The Tuning of the World which first inspired the study and practice of Acoustic Ecology. This book has had a profound affect on my attitude towards listening and recording, and like so many others it has inspired me to find new ways to appreciate the sonic world.

To celebrate this day, I have submitted a recording to be published as part of the WLD collective release. I hope many of you find your own way to celebrate the event, whether you take just a little time from your day to sit and listen to the outdoors or whether you plan something more extravagant.

For those who are unaware of the World Listening Project and wish to find out more, here’s their website:

// Heres a link to the Sonic Terrain releases, collections of fantastic recordings from around the world available for free download:
My track Pond Symphony Orchestra is featured on the album Fragility [STR 012]

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